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NESPAK established a speciality group with a handful of architects in 1973, for offering services in the Architecture & Planning (AP) Sector. The group has todate emerged as a single most reliable and reputed consultancy service in the country.

The success lies in the continuous efforts of the staff and management to excel in this field. Dedication towards professionalism and commitment for delivering the best to its Clients has earned NESPAK a place as a forerunner in this Sector. The company has the credit of securing maximum number of projects in this Sector through design competitions.

NESPAK has three fully staffed and functional offices at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad to offer services in this Sector. It employs 169 professionals including a team of 38 architects and 33 engineers & other specialists, well-experienced in their respective fields.

Todate NESPAK has successfully handled 488 local and overseas projects in the A&P Sector. Overseas, it has worked in the Sultanate of Oman, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Guinea, Iran, Tajikistan, Yemen and Sierra Leone.

The services provided in this Sector range from conception to completion of projects including feasibility studies, planning, designing, tender documentation, valuation, construction supervision and project management.

Scope of Services

Health Care Buildings

Planning, designing, tender documentation and construction supervision of hospitals, basic health units, medical colleges, specialized clinics & allied facilities and upgradation projects for hospitals, teaching institutes and residential facilities for the medical staff.

Educational Buildings

Project programming and management, master planning, architectural and engineering designing, construction supervision and project coordination for institutional buildings, universities, colleges, technical training institutes, primary & secondary schools and vocational training centers.

Airport Terminal Buildings

Planning, project programming, detailed feasibility studies, air traffic studies, site selection & suitability studies, detailed physical and geotechnical surveys, designing, tender documentation, construction supervision and project coordination of airport terminal projects. Designing of hangar facilities for wide bodied aircrafts.

High Rise Buildings

Physical and geotechnical surveys, detailed architectural and engineering designs, tender documentation, prequalification of contractors and bid evaluation, project programming and management, construction supervision anddesigns, tender documentation, prequalification of contractors and bid evaluation, project programming and management, construction supervision of stadia for athletics, football, hockey, cricket and other outdoor sports.

Industrial Buildings

Architectural & engineering designs for large span structures, project management and coordination of automobile assembly plants, oil refineries, cement factories, container terminals, bulk storage terminals, steel production & rolling mills and industrial estate planning.

Low cost Housing

Physical, socio-economic and demographic surveys, site reconnaissance surveys, design of row-houses and apartment buildings, design of services and engineering design, infrastructural design, project documentation and construction supervision of low cost housing projects.

Residential Communities

Detailed physical, socio-economic and demographic surveys, data collection and collation, formulation of strategic policies for project implementation, conceptual and detailed planning, engineering and landscaping design, design of all the infrastructural works, project documentation and construction supervision of residential communities for large-scale projects such as power plants, cement factories and other industrial projects, residential enclaves for government employees and officials.

Urban Planning

Strategic planning for urban development, preparation of integrated master plan for large cities, rural upgradation projects, area development schemes, formulation of policies for urban management and project implementation, detailed physical, socio-economic and demographic surveys and design of infrastructural works.

Slum Upgradation

Collection & collation of data, physical, socio-economic and demographic surveys, formulation of policies for future planning and area development, planning and designing for all infrastructural works, detailed project programming and project monitoring, construction supervision for sewerage, water supply and electricity.


Feasibility studies and master planning for tourist resorts, lakes, public parks, area beautification projects, recreational areas, theme parks, botanical & zoological gardens, development of open areas in the housing schemes and residential communities, landscaping for large projects such as airports, monuments and industrial buildings, landscaping for hospitals, office buildings, commercial buildings and institutional buildings, roadside landscaping, development of roundabouts and medians for highways and motorways.


Planning, design and tender documentation of passenger and cargo terminal buildings, equipment, runways, taxiways and other related facilities.

Interior Design

Remodelling of old buildings for adaptive reuse, furniture designing for all type of functions, interior designing for banks, government institutions, office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, educational institutions and industrial projects, project programming and monitoring, detailed construction supervision.


Sector-wise experience in the Architecture & Planning Sector gained by NESPAK inPakistan and abroad since its inception is given below:

Health Care Facilities

36 projects in Pakistan and abroad including hospitals, basic health units, medicalcolleges and other related facilities with a cumulative cost of Rs. 9,525 million.

Educational Facilities

81 projects with a cumulative cost of Rs. 14,000 million including universities,colleges and schools.

Office/Commercial Buildings

169 office buildings, commercial buildings, shopping areas and duty free shops with a total cost of Rs. 9,000 million.

Sports Facilities

21 projects, with a cumulative cost of Rs. 967 million, including stadiam, sports complexes, hostels for players and other related facilities.

Planning and Area Development

92 projects, with a cumulative cost of Rs. 23 billion, including residential communities, low cost housing and master planning for large cities.

Housing Schemes

25 projects with a cumulative cost of Rs. 6,439 million.

Community Buildings, Parks, Recreational Buildings

25 projects including area beautification and enhancement, auditoriums, museums, zoological parks and development of tourist resorts with a cumulative cost ofRs. 5,104 million.


19 large projects with a cumulative cost of Rs. 160 million.

Interior Design

20 projects with a cumulative cost of Rs. 1,000 million.