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In the Energy Sector, NESPAK is the national leader in providing engineering consultancy services. It has been in the forefront of the development efforts undertaken in this Sector and has been associated with most of the public and private sector projects undertaken in Pakistan since its inception in 1973.

NESPAK has rich experience in providing services to public and private sector Clients on Energy projects of varied and diverse nature. NESPAK's set-up has been evolved with due cognisance of the requirements of this Sector which has been undergoing structural and institutional reforms in the recent past in most countries including Pakistan.

Over the years, the experience and expertise gained at home enabled NESPAK to secure overseas projects in this Sector spreading over 17 countries of Asia, Africa and Central Asian Republics. The services include all facets of project implementation from conceptual designs to final commissioning and operation.

In the Energy Sector, NESPAK offers engineering services in the following fields:.

Planning and System Studies.

  • Hydropower
  • Thermal Power
  • Transmission
  • Substations
  • Distribution and Rural Electrification
  • SCADA and Telecommunications
  • Mechanical and HVAC

Scope of Services


Project identification and definition; load forecasting; least cost generation, transmission and distribution system planning; interconnection of power systems; demand side management; financial and economic analysis.


Reconnaissance; pre-feasibility; feasibility; economic and financial analysis; tariff analysis; socio-economic and environmental impact assessment; project siting and resettlement plans; project options and optimisation; load flow, short circuit and transient stability studies; electromagnetic transient studies; probalistic production cost simulations; cost of service analysis; restructuring and corporatization of government owned utilities; rehabilitation, refurbishment and upgradation of projects; development of short and long term policies for attracting private investment in energy and infrastructure projects; evaluation and due diligence of plants and assets.


Preliminary and detailed design; drawings and specifications; cost estimates and budgetary forecasts; design review and approval of shop drawings; testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance procedures; equipment selection; quality assurance and control.

Contract Packaging

Supply and supervise contracts; supply, install and commission contracts; turnkey contracts; contractor financed contracts; engineering procurement and construction management contracts; build, own and operate (BOO) contracts; build, operate and transfer (BOT) contracts; build, lease and transfer (BLT) contracts; operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts.


Bidding documents for procurement within the framework of guidelines issued by financing agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, JBIC, KfW, Islamic Development Bank and Kuwait Fund. Pre-qualification documents; bidding documents for engineering, procurement and construction & turnkey contracts; invitation and evaluation of bids; negotiations and award of contracts; shop inspection & testing.

Project Management

Planning, scheduling and budgetary control of project implementation; coordination and monitoring of costs, resources, schedules and progress; review and approval of construction methods, machinery and resource allocation; control of project documents, security and safety requirements; review and approval of codes and standards; preparation and update of project master schedule; progress reviews and expediting reports; certification of plant performance and commencement of commercial operation; review and approval of operation and maintenance manuals, project completion reports and as built drawings; training of O&M staff; quality assurance and control.

Independent Engineer

In the role of independent engineer, NESPAK provides pre-financial closure equity investor support; due diligence involving review of project design, cost and scheduling; due diligence in the implementation and operation phases; asset valuation and assessment.


Since 1973, NESPAK has worked in Pakistan and 17 other countries on various projects in the Energy Sector. The depth of experience acquired in this Sector is summarized below :

Planning and System Studies

Planning and interconnection studies for hydel and thermal powerplants. System studies for EHV transmission networks of WAPDA and KESC.


Low, medium and high head power stations, with individual plant capacity varying from less than a MW to 3,600 MW, having a total capacity of over 18,000 MW.

Thermal Power

A total capacity of 13,500 MW using combined cycle, conventional steam turbine, diesel engine or gas turbine technology with plant size ranging from 4.8 MW to 1,800 MW.

Nuclear Power

A total of 32 assignments related to nuclear power projects involving project planning, detailed engineering and construction supervision services.

HV/EHV Transmission Lines

Planning, engineering and supervising services for a cumulative length of 6,200 km of HV/EHV transmission lines for voltages ranging from 110 kV to 500 kV.


Planning, engineering and supervising services for HV/EHV substations ranging from 66 kV to 500 kV having cumulative transformation capacity of 18,000 MVA. The projects included conventional outdoor and GIS installations.

Distribution and Rural Electrification

Electrification of 1,800 villages and computerised mapping of 60,000 km of 11 kV power distribution feeders.

SCADA and Telecommunication

A total of 12 load despatch centres for power utilities involving energy management functions and state-of-the-art computer hardware supported by telecommunication system comprising microwave, fiber optic and power line carrier systems.

Mechanical and HVAC

Planning, design and construction supervision of large water, oil and gas transmission networks; and HVAC works of multistoreyed commercial & public utility buildings and hospitals.