Structural Engineering being the oldest and most creative profession has contributed significantly towards the development of infrastructure as well as construction industry. Walking along the same lines, Structural Engineering Division draws its history from 1973 with the establishment of NESPAK. Starting with the handful of structural engineers, it has now enhanced its capacity to 125+ professionals and 80+ draftsman, all well versed in their respective specialties.

Having been established as backbone of NESPAK, Structural Engineering Division actively deals in Structural Analysis, Design, Design Review, Strengthening and Rehabilitation Design. Based upon the concept of value engineering, it has an extensive experience in providing services from conception to the supervision stage.

Scope of Services

A brief count of services covered under the structure’s scope are:

  • Multistory High Rise Structures
  • Dams, Barrages and Canals
  • Bridges and Flyovers (including subways and underpasses)
  • Industrial Structures (Mills, Factories, Silos and Nuclear Facilities)
  • Tunnels and Waterways
  • Terminal Buildings, Hangers etc.
  • Water Supply and Drainage Structures

With the blessings of God, the division has successfully handled numerous national and international projects with utmost dedication and professionalism and will continue doing so with the continuous efforts of the staff & management.