With the establishment of NESPAK in 1973, work on the 1220 km long Indus Super Highway project started and NESPAK was engaged as general consultants by Indus Super Highway Board (Ministry of Communications). This laid a sound foundation and requirement for the Highways Division in 1978 which led to the formation of Highways and Transportation Engineering Division (H&TED) in 2001. The H&TED is a project management group within NESPAK which offers a wide spectrum of Highway Engineering services ranging from advisory role in policy making to planning, feasibility studies, preparation of PC-1’s, detailed design, 3rd party design vetting, advanced traffic modelling and construction supervision of several prestigious transportation projects commissioned in Pakistan and abroad.

The H&TE Division has pooled Pakistan's best skills and expertise in the field of transportation. It has one of the largest groups of expert highway and transportation engineers with vast experience and skills related to the transport planning and design using state-of-the-art traffic modeling technique of micro and macro simulations, design of roads, highways, motorways and bridges and management and construction supervision of highway projects.

Scope of Services

Following is an overview of NESPAK's expertise in the field of highways and transportation engineering.

  • Motorways and Highways
  • Urban Roads
  • Rural/Secondary Roads
  • Grade Separated Interchanges
  • Bridges and Flyovers
  • Underpasses
  • Tunnels
  • Airport Terminal Buildings
  • Hangars
  • Runways and Taxiways
  • Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Deep Seaports
  • Fish Harbours
  • Marine Terminals
  • Container Terminals
  • Grain and Fertilizer Terminals
  • Inland River Navigation
  • Fixed and Floating Jetties