In every progressive organization Human Resources plays a pivotal role in developing the professional and managerial abilities of employees and adopts suitable ways to motivate them to increase performance and productivity.

Human Resources Division was established in NESPAK in July 2005 with an aim to increase the level of inter-Divisional working, mutual understanding and provide quality training to NESPAK professionals in the areas of managerial, support and technical competencies. A state-of-the-art training centre "Irshad Ahmad Professional Development Centre" was established in NESPAK House, Lahore.

Human Resources Division is presently involved in the professional development of NESPAK employees. Professional development activities started in 2005 from Lahore and later in 2006 in Islamabad and Karachi offices. Human Resources Division organized a total number of 3672 trainings to-date.

Scope of Services

Human Resources Division is involved in the following work functions:

  • Online Recruitment, selection and appointment of staff
  • Orientation
  • Payroll
  • Learning & Professional Development
  • Multilevel Communication
  • Reward Management
  • Employee Relations & Compliance
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Planning