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In Water Resources Development, Agriculture and Dam Engineering Sector, NESPAK provides complete spectrum of consultancy services for projects related to harnessing and use of water for agriculture, hydropower generation and environment. The services provided for the Sector cover all aspects from conceiving an idea to completion of a project, including master planning, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, project planning, physical and simulation model studies, software development and applications, detailed designs, specifications and tender documents, construction supervision and contract management, preparation of operation & maintenance manuals, performance and benefit monitoring, periodic inspections of large projects . Institutional reforms, capacity building and participation of beneficiaries in development as well as environmental management and social development also fall within the purview of NESPAK’s wide range of services in this Sector.

The services for Water Resources Development, Agriculture and Dam Engineering Sector are being provided within Pakistan and abroad by a highly qualified and well-experienced team of more than 200 professionals including water resources planners and engineers, hydrologists,dam engineers, geological engineers,agriculture specialists, geologists, irrigation and drainage experts, hydro-geologists, hydraulic engineers, soil and water quality scientists, flood management specialists, environmentalists, institutional development experts, sociologists, economists construction supervision specialists and contract managers.

NESPAK made its debut in Water Resources Development, Agriculture and Dam Engineering Sector with the design and construction supervision of the Left Bank Irrigation Tunnel of Tarbela Dam Project in 1973 and since then, it has provided services for more than 400 water resources projects within the country and overseas. By virtue of more than 40 years of valuable experience in water resources development, NESPAK is now capable of offering services in all fields related to water sector.

Scope of Services

Water Resources Planning

Studies for evaluation of water resources, establishing planning criteria, water allocation to and distribution among various sectors, water use optimisation, identification of potential projects, developing procedures and criteria for evaluating identified projects and programmes, ranking and prioritisation of projects and preparation of rolling plans and investment programmes within the overall resource constraints, along with inter-sectoral integration with other development programmes. Studies for assessment and mitigation of environmental and social impacts of water resources development programmes as well as for institutional reforms and capacity building for their implementation and sustainability.

Dams and Barrages

Site selection, layout planning, topographic surveys, geological mapping, geo-technical and geo-physical investigations, seismotechtonic and seismic risk evaluation, hydrological studies, design of embankments, filters, abutment protection works, seepage control measures, settlement analysis, material investigations, design and hydraulic model studies of hydraulic structures and foundation design of the dams, barrages and related structures. Design of guide banks, marginal bunds, spurs and flood protection works on the basis of model studies. Specialised services for instrumentation of vital components of dams and barrages. Preparation of environmental studies, resettlement action plans and operation and maintenance manuals and construction supervision & contract management. Periodic inspection of dams and barrages, and designing remedial measures.

Irrigation Systems

Feasibility studies, designs and construction management of new irrigation systems as well as remodelling and rehabilitation of existing irrigation systems from canal head down to watercourse level. Planning and designing state-of the- art irrigation networks and related structures including drip and sprinkler irrigation. Operation and maintenance services based on modern concepts. Studies for institutional reforms and development of farmers’ organisations for transferring irrigation facilities to them in order to ensure sustainability of the systems.

Drainage, Salinity Control and Land Reclamation

Hydrogeological studies for estimation of drainable surplus, soil surveys & investigations for salinity/sodicity status and reclamation programme for deteriorated soils, infiltration, hydraulic conductivity and aquifer tests for evaluation of drainage parameters of soil, design of horizontal sub-surface drainage systems and interceptor drains, design of vertical drainage systems through tubewells, design of surface drainage systems for conveying storm water and safe disposal of saline effluent, environmental impact assessment studies, preparation of resettlement action plans, construction supervision, contract management, preparation of completion reports, O&M manual and benefit monitoring of drainage projects.

Agriculture Development and Allied Fields

Agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry development: Evaluation of existing constraints on agriculture development, agro-climatic studies for crop water requirements, studies of non-water inputs for optimum development, formulation of integrated development plans and guidelines for implementation and operation of projects.

Socio-economic and Impact Evaluation Studies

Identification of physical, economic and sociological potentials and constraints impeding agriculture development and economic analysis, social appraisal, sensitivity and risk analysis and determination of cost recovery potential.

Groundwater Resources Development

Planning, investigation, development and management of groundwater resources. Planning, design and field supervision of groundwater investigations including drilling of test holes and pump out tests to augment the available data on aquifer geometry and its hydraulic parameters, monitoring network, quantification of various sources of groundwater recharge and carrying out water balance studies to determine the potential for additional development and design of well fields. Developing and calibrating mathematical models to simulate groundwater conditions and studying the future response of the aquifers with respect to various groundwater development strategies.

Flood Management and Forecasting/Warning Systems

Flood Management: Master planning, feasibility studies, detailed design and construction supervision. Economic and financial analysis as well as social and environmental impact assessment and mitigation studies.

Flood Forecasting/Warning Systems

Development of rainfall-runoff models for rivers and streams, formulation of hydrodynamic river flow models and integrating these in one software with easy data input and results display. Developing various components of Flood Forecasting and Warning Systems including rainfall-runoff modelling, hydrodynamic river flow modelling, telecommunication network, bathymetric surveys, flood plain mapping and preparation of guidelines and manual for operation of the system.

Institutional and Social Development

Advice on policy developments, business planning, management processes and organisational structures, human resource development, training and research, systematic introduction of appropriate and sustainable technologies, procurement and commissioning services and development of management information system and services for sustainability of agriculture through integrated participatory approach.


Water Resources Planning

Rendered consultancy services for 31 water resources planning projects within Pakistan as well as abroad involving an area of more than 13 million ha.

Dams and Barrages

Rendered consultancy services on 120 dam and barrage projects. The cumulative gross storage of the reservoirs is more than 21,500 MCM which provides dependable irrigation water to more than 5 million ha of land.

Irrigation Systems

Rendered consultancy services on 135 schemes covering an area of 3,442,000 ha and designed/supervised the construction of canals system having a total length of about 26,600 km.

Drainage, Salinity Control & Land Reclamation

Provided consultancy services for 29 projects which involved laying of about 4,300 km of subsurface drains/tile drainage systems and surface drainage systems over a length of about 2,701 km for the improvement of an area of about 1.7 million ha.

Agriculture Development and Natural Resources Management

Studies on agriculture, livestock, fisheries development and agriculture supporting services for more than 50 major projects in Pakistan and abroad, privatization of agriculture activities in th State of Qatar and comprehensive plan of agricultural education and research institutions in Pakistan. Also contributed to the improvement/renovation of 67,700 watercourses and land leveling in an area of 105,000 ha under the On-farm Water Management Programme and National Program for Improvement of Water Courses.

Groundwater Resources Development

Worked on about 42 major projects resulting in the improvement of an area of 37,000 ha through groundwater development.

Flood Management and Forecasting/Warning Systems

Rendered consultancy services for 67 projects in the field of flood management involving design of about 1,006 flood control schemes and construction supervision of more than 175 km of embankments. Provided consultancy services for 3 projects in the field of flood warning and forecasting systems including preparation of flood warning manual for one of the major projects.

Institutional and Social Development

Provided consultancy services for about 40 projects in the field of institutional and social development.