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NESPAK is committed to the preservation of the environment and has been sensitive to the environmental parameters in planning and implementation of its development projects. It has a team of highly qualified and well experienced professionals for offering services in this Sector. These specialists are well versed in the latest techniques of environmental protection and applicable international standards.

NESPAK has archived an envious position by securing and completing major projects of national importance pertaining to the Environment sector in Pakistan and abroad .

Scope of Services

NESPAK provides the following expert services in environmental engineering planning and management:

Site Characterization/Baseline Data of Environmental Pollution

Survey and studies of physical resources like geology, topography, meteorology and faulting & seismology, and ecological resources like marine ecology, flora, fauna, endangered species, features of the land use, transportation, socio-economic conditions.

Ecological Investigations

Investigations in an environmentally sensitive area, e.g., watercourse, wetland, active dunes, arid lands, or forest area, modification of vegetation, terrestrial and aquatic ecological investigations.

Environmental Risk Assessment

Hazard identification, exposure assessment, dose-response assessment, and risk characterization.

Environmental Planning and Management

Survey and analysis of potential environmental risks, setting up the environmental protection programme.

Environmental Health and Safety

Monitoring the health damage due to the incremental pollution, and estimating the potential risks to the health and safety of workers or neighbouring populations.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Assessment of the environmental impacts during pre-construction, construction and operation stages of the project(s), proposing mitigation measures, environmental management, and monitoring according to international standards and guidelines.

Air and Noise Pollution Control

Analyzing and predicting the air & noise pollutions using computer models. Monitoring the air quality by measuring the recommended parameters like NOx, SOx, CO, CO , and particulate matters. 2 Adopting noise abatement measures like plantation of trees, installation of noise dampening and absorbing media, construction of wall barriers.

Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation

Topographic mapping, photogrammetry and aerial mapping, engineering investigations and construction surveys, route location and design & layout.

Water Resources Management for Environmental Development

Water resources development for rural and urban locales, sanitation and health education, water resources management for natural habitation, monitoring surface and groundwater pollution, water quality tests, identification of environmental impacts for suitable ground and surface water resources and regeneration and rehabilitation of the well-fields.

Infrastructure Planning for Environmental Development

Environmental project planning, concept development, project feasibility, design, construction supervision, project management, asset management and land development with a natural healthy environment, roads, railways, ports, and airports development for reviving the beneficial environment.

Facilities for Recreational Purposes

Advice on policy developments, business planning, management processes and organisational structures, human resource development, training and research, systematic introduction of appropriate and sustainable technologies, procurement and commissioning services and development of management information system and services for sustainability of agriculture through integrated participatory approach.

Environmental Audit

Auditing the sites, liabilities, compliances, management systems, and waste minimization or pollution prevention in industrial projects.


NESPAK has handled about 75 projects in the Environment Sector. Environmental impact assessment and social soundness studies were carried out in different fields such as oil and gas, powerplants, parks, motorways, dams, airports, canals, hospitals, etc.