Lahore Ring Road Project
Project Description

The Lahore Ring Road Project (Northern Loop 40 km), which was started in 2005, is nearing completion now under the supervision of NESPAK. The Package-14 (construction of road portion from Ghazi Road intersection to Bedian Road intersection) is the last link of Northern Loop which is under construction. The asphaltic wearing course has been completed and balance works are being finished at high speed. Now the whole Northern Loop starting from Babu Sabu up to Package-17 (near Suigas Housing Society) through Niazi Interchange, Mehmood Booti, G.T. Road Interchange, Harbanspura Interchange, Abdullah Gul Interchange, Airport, DHA Bhatta Chowk and Nawaz Sharif Interchange, is open to vehicular traffic.

Package-4 starts from Niazi Chowk to Mehmood Booti. It contains an interchange at Saggian Chowk. Package-8 starts from Harbanspura Canal Crossing to Airport Access Road with an approximate length of 1.8 km. Package-10 comprises 2 km road and an interchange at Harbanspura Canal Crossing. Estimated cost of civil works for three packages is Rs. 3.0 billion.