Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project
Project Description

The Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project is successfully heading for completion at a steady pace under the surveillance of NESPAK-CEC joint venture. Despite all the hardships, 41 percent of the project has been completed. In addition to this, 137 transoms and 18 U-tub girders have been casted at Package-1. At Package-2, load testing of first U-tub girder was performed on July 24, 2016. At Package-3 and 4 building works are in full swing, NESPAK is regularly interacting with CR-NORINCO to acquire all the relevant information required from them. NESPAK in association with M/s CEC (China) will work with the same spirit and enthusiasm and shall take necessary measures to ensure proper implementation of Health, Safety and Quality Plan. In this regard, NESPAK-CEC JV will fully cooperate with all the other agencies engaged on the Project. Mr. Amjad A. Khan, MD NESPAK, visited the project site to monitor the progress of work. He appreciated the efforts of NESPAK team and was gratified with the progress of works. In this regard, a weekly meeting was held at 90 Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore. It was chaired by Mr. Khawaja Ahmad Hassan, to resolve all the issues, specially emphasised by NESPAK, related to Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project.