Mangla Dam Raising Project
Project Description

After substantial completion of Mangla Dam Raising Project (MDRP), the impounding of water in Mangla Reservoir above its original conservation level of 1202 ft was successfully carried out up to El. 1239.70 ft on September 17, 2013. The new conservation level after raising of Mangla Dam is 1242 ft making Mangla the largest reservoir in Pakistan.
The successful completion of MDRP marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Pakistan. It is certainly a matter of pride and satisfaction for NESPAK and all its partner firms of Mangla Joint Venture (MJV) that the project has finally started fetching its anticipated benefits worth billions of rupees annually.

Since the completion of Tarbela Dam in 70s, the MDRP is the only mega Project undertaken by WAPDA for the augmentation of water storage in Pakistan. It was started in 2004 and dam raising works were completed in 2009. The original cost of the project was Rs. 62 billion and revised cost is Rs. 96.85 billion. It mainly increased due to compensation to affectees of the project. Only a few resettlement components are remaining due to non-release of PSDP funds.
Original storage capacity of Mangla Reservoir was 5.88 MAF and it was reduced to 4.593 MAF as a result of continuous sedimentation. After raising of the dam by 30 ft and additional storage to 40 ft, its capacity has been increased by 2.90 MAF with the total storage of 7.55 MAF surpassing 6.58 MAF, the maximum live storage capacity of Tarbela Dam. Besides storage of 2.90 MAF of additional water for irrigation purposes, 12 percent additional annual power will also be produced besides colossal benefits of flood mitigation.