Karachi Nuclear Power Plant-Baldia 132kV lines re-energised  

NESPAK has been providing consultancy services to Karachi Nuclear Power Complex (KNPC) for replacement of the aging 132kV circuit breakers and protection relays of the 132kV double circuit transmission line that links Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) with KESC network at Baldia grid station. The old bulk oil circuit breakers and electromechanical relays have been replaced with the latest SF6 circuit breakers and state-of-the-art numerical line protection devices.

Stand-alone 132kV current transformers have also been provided for protection and metering functions as substitute for the bushing current transformers in the bulk oil circuit breakers. KNPC and NESPAK engineers worked closely in devising a discriminative protection scheme and its integration into the complex systems of the nuclear power plant. Both circuits of KANUPP-Baldia double circuit lines have been re-energised with the new equipment. Performance indicators have since validated the intended objectives of the project vis-a-vis discriminative functioning of the protection system against disturbances in KESC power system for stable operation of KANUPP.

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