Staff News

Dr. Tahir Mahmood Hayat, Chief Executive Diamer Basha Dam Project and former Executive Vice President NESPAK, has been awarded the President’s Award for Pride of Performance by the Governor Punjab in the category of science here at the Governor House, Lahore. Dr. Tahir Hayat is an outstanding professional by any standard. In his career spanning over thirty years, he has made significant contributions to diverse projects of vital importance to Pakistan. He has made these contributions in the field of dam engineering, landslide mitigation and disaster risk reduction. He has been involved in the design and management of such mega projects as:
Quick Impact Project in FATA area including North and South Waziristan, Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project, Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project, Mangla Dam Raising Project, Hattian Bala Landslide dam, Attabad Landslide dam.
Currently, he is serving as Chief Executive of 4500 MW Diamer Basha Dam Project on behalf of NESPAK. His commitment and service to Pakistan could be best gauged from his contribution and management of projects in North and South Waziristan Agencies and Swat area, which he and his team are undertaking for the last couple of years at great personal risk. Dr. Tahir has a distinguished academic and professional career. He has more than 15 publications in international and national journals and conferences and his work has been referenced in foreign text books. He is listed in the Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (Millennium Edition) and is a member of the Honour Society of PhiKappa Phi (USA).
Mr. Abrar Ahmed Khan, Vice President/Head Monitoring & Quality Control Division, has taken over charge as Deputy Chief Executive, NESPAK Foundation in addition to his own duties with effect from May 13, 2020.
Mr. Omer Farooq, General Manager Human Resources Division has been designated General Manager/Head Human Resources Division with effect from May 13, 2020. NESPAK wishes him good luck on his new position.
Mr. Kamran Imtiaz, Vice President/Head Human Resources Division, has retired from NESPAK services on May 12, 20202 after reaching the age of superannuation. NESPAK wishes him good luck and prosperous life after retirement.
Syed Zohaib Hassan Bukhari, Senior Geologist, GT&GE Division, has completed his M. Phil. in Applied Geology from Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. The title of his thesis was "Rock Characterization And Support Assessment Using Empirical Methods Along A Headrace Tunnel Of A Medium Hydropower Project In KPK - Pakistan".
Geological mapping, discontinuity analysis, subsurface support assessment using Rock Mass Rating (RMR) and Rock Quality Index (Q-System) are the outcome of the study. In industrial application, present study covers both surface and subsurface rock engineering which include geological surveys, mining and exploration sector, hydropower sector, Tunneling. His CGPA is 3.38.
Mr. Aamir Bin Younis, General Manager/Head Economic Studies Division of NESPAK retired from NESPAK service on February 4, 2020 after attaining the age of superannuation. In order to bid him farewell, a dinner was hosted by the staff members of the Economic Studies Division in honour of Mr. Aamir Bin Younis at a local hotel in Lahore. Mr. Ahmad Said, GM/Head Business Development Division and Mr. Danish Raza, newly appointed GM/Head Economic Studies Division, also attended the event. The services of Mr. Aamir Bin Younis were eulogised, who thanked the staff members for hosting this farewell.
Mr. Haseeb A. Khawaja, General Manager Construction Management Division, retired from NESPAK service on March 22, 2020 upon attaining the age of superannuation after contributing to the professional development of NESPAK for about three decades in Construction Management, Power and Mechanical, Highway and Transportation Engineering, and Water and Agriculture Divisions. He has been associated with many prestigious projects in Pakistan like Terbela 3rd Hydro Extension (Unit 11-14), Lahore Roads Rehabilitation Projects/Bridges, West Bank Bypass Project Muzafarabad, Lahore Orange Line Project, Trimu Punjnad Barrages Projects, and Convenor MD Inspection Team. The Management of NESPAK wishes him success and best of luck in his future endeavor.
NESPAK was invited by NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) Karachi to participate in Career Fair 2019 for career counselling of fresh graduates. Mr. Raheel Ahmed and Mr. Muhammad Taha Khan attended the event and provided guidance to students regarding preparation of interviews and CV formats. This event was organised by Director Industrial Liaison NEDUET on September 19, 2019. During the ceremony, Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi, Vice Chancellor, NEDUET Karachi, presented a memento to NESPAK as token of appreciation.
In continuation of capacity building program initiated by NESPAK's Human Resources Division, an in-house training session on “Importance of Geotechnical Investigations” was conducted by Mr. Sohail Kibria, Advisor to NESPAK and Ms. Sadaf Saeed, Principal Engineer GT&GE Division, at Islamabad office on August 05, 2019. Various professionals of Islamabad office & DM&R Division attended the session.
Resource persons emphasised the role of Geotechnical Division by providing an insight into the process of Geotechnical Investigations, its main benefits, areas of application, main outputs, importance of Limit States and Problematic Ground Conditions, followed by some case studies.
Mr. Sohail Kibria delivered a lecture to the in service engineers of various governement departments at Govt. Engg. Academy Lahore on Earthquake Engineering on May 16, 2019.
He highlighted various interesting aspects of study and analysis of earthquakes for designing safe structure as per provisions of Revised Seismic Provisions of BCP (2007).
Training and Development is a continuous process for individual and organisational development. In this connection, a lecture was delivered by Mr. Imran Badar, General Manager Construction Management Division NESPAK, on the topic of “Construction Methodology of Balanced Cantilever Box Girder Cable Stay Extrados Bridge ”under West Bank Bypass Project in Muzaffarabad City, AJ&K” at NESPAK House Lahore, on September 24, 2019.
Mr. Sohail Kibria, Convener R&D Cell, was invited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) at Leads University Lahore to conduct a CPD Course on Landslide Study, Analysis and Mitigation on July 19, 2019. He was given a shield at the end of the course by the Chairman Civil Engineering Department.
NESPAK has planned to upgrade its training facilities for the continuous professional development of its engineers. As such, efforts have been started to look into the possibilities of arranging joint training sessions with other training institutes in the country. As a first step, an initial meeting was held with Ms. Summera Yasin, Dean of National Institute of Public Policy (NIPP), Lahore on July 23, 2019.
Another meeting had been taken up with Government Engineering Academy Punjab (GEAP), Lahore on September 4, 2019. A brief presentation was given by GEAP on major areas of engineering management, current affairs, communication skills etc. NESPAK also discussed on continuous professional development of engineers. Further deliberations will be taken up with WAPDA Administrative Training Institute Islamabad to finalise a joint training policy.
On the appeal of Prime Minister of Pakistan, NESPAK observed Kashmir Solidarity Day at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad offices to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren on August 30, 2019.
At NESPAK Islamabad Office, all employees of Islamabad office and DM&R Division assembled to pay homage to Kashmiris while national anthems of Pakistan and Kashmir were played. Dr. Tahir Masood, Managing Director NESPAK, stood there alongside other employees to express solidarity with Kashmiris in the wake of recent developments resulting in gross human rights violations by India.
At NESPAK House, Lahore, a large number of NESPAK employees led by Dr. Tahir M. Hayat, Executive Vice President NESPAK, gathered in front of NESPAK House, Lahore while carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans for the freedom of Kashmir. They chanted slogans against Indian forces' brutalities against the Kashmiris. Addressing the rally, Dr. Tahir Hayat paid homage to the sacrifices of the people of Kashmir. He said that those who are living either in Occupied Kashmir or Azad Kashmir, they are our brothers and sisters. He urged the world to take note of atrocities committed by India in the Occupied Kashmir. He said that India was suppressing ingenious freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir against occupation with the usage of force and state terrorism. The struggle of Kashmiris for independence would be successful soon, he concluded.
Mr. Salman Akhtar Khan, Senior Engineer, Construction Management Division, has successfully achieved Project Management Professional (PMP ®) certification from Project Management Institute of USA on August 05, 2019, achieving “Above Target Status” in all Project Management processes. The PMP is an International certification awarded upon a rigorous testing of five management processes including Initiating, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, and Closing.
Mr. Salman Akhtar Khan has also successfully completed his Master's degree in Project Management, from Bahria University in 2019. The title of his project was Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring & Controlling of Construction Project using Primavera P6.
Mr. Abdus Salam Khan, General Manager was appointed as Head of Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental Engineering Division with effect from July 01, 2019. He had been associated with NESPAK for the last 35 years and possesses an excellent professional career. He specialises in dam design and hydraulic structures. He retired from NESPAK service on August 28, 2019. Consequent, upon his retirement, Mr. Irfan-ul-Haq, General Manager, has been designated as Head of Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental Engineering Division. Mr. Irfan received his MSc degree in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London and hails from a rich Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental Engineering background. He possesses 32 years of professional experience to his credit.